Critical Posters


Healthcare needs help

Healthcare by Dagmar Winkler

The poster features the word ‚healthcare‘ with scraped letters, that are held together by band aids. It was an entry to ‚poster for tomorrow‘, an international poster competition, for the subject ‚Open Up! Universal access to healthcare now!‘.

The healthcare system as it is, does not fullfill the needs of the people around the world. We have to care about access, equity, quality, afficiency and affordability to make it work. The healthcare system needs to be renewed in order to help people in need. Healthcare should be a basic human right.

dolphin hunt

These posters took part in the international poster competition and festival “Mut zur Wut” (“Courage to Rage”) and were displayed as part of an exhibition in Heidelberg, Germany.

The posters shows hunted dolphins in pools of their own blood. They ask the viewer to pay attention to the continous and brutal killing of dolphins that will rapidly lead to their extinction. This affects not only dolphins, but all sea creatures by humans unreflected overfishing of the seas.